Another cold night ...

It's just another friday morning. The night was cold. Well, there was finally no reason to be down, but being alone - without you - made me sad.
Sure, we are apart, a long time, but never by heart. Only by distance.
I was crying a long time 'cuz I realized nobodys there. I wish you were here to hold me tight... to tell me all those pretty things about love... about you and me, you know? there are so many things i wanna say... but there are no words to express the feeling I've got... One hour ago, suddenly a beautiful melody rushes on my head. The text was clearly in my head so I began singing the song... Yeah, it was MY song... It tells about love and the terrible feeling to be alone... I don't know if I should be happy or feeling blue. Today I'm going to see my love but just in this moment I'm so alone. What can I do?... I'm trying to get tired but it fails.
Well... so long.

See ya together


9.11.07 02:40

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